Activity Risk Management Guidelines

HikeWest has updated its previous risk management guidelines so they are i) consistent with current standards; ii) aligned with national guidelines (Bushwalking Australia), and iii) provide additional practical guidance for our member clubs.

The new HikeWest Activity Risk Management Guidelines should assist member clubs to continue their activities safely and responsibly. Except for the unchanged, mandatory Acknowledgement of Risk requirements (Section 6), the adoption of the guidelines remains voluntary.

The additions are intended to be quite simple and avoid imposing any unwarranted additional record-keeping obligations on clubs. Member clubs may adapt the guidelines to be relevant to their particular operating and risk environment, provided they meet the objective of achieving effective risk management.

The most relevant sections updated or added in the guidelines are Section 7.7 (p.13), and Annexure H (p.16-17).  These provide some practical guidance on both leader recognition and the activity approval process.

HikeWest is committed to ensuring member clubs have well-documented guidelines for activity risk management that are clear, responsible and responsive. The updated guidelines are compatible with the Australian Adventure Activity Standards without any need for HikeWest member club activity leaders to undertake external leadership training.

(Posted 7 June 2023.)

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