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Offer & Acceptance process – Please ensure you have read HikeWest’s Sponsorships and Partnerships Policy before completing the form below. If your business/organization seeks more information before submitting the form, please email the Executive Officer (execofficer@hikewest.org.au ).

Assuming the Board accepts your offer, we will email you confirmation of agreement, along with an invoice for the first year’s contribution effective from the date of the registration; Thereafter your company will be invoiced annually on the registration anniversary date. The agreement may be terminated by either party at the annual anniversary date. Your company’s name will also be entered into HikeWest’s sponsorship register.

Minimum annual contribution – As per the Policy, HikeWest recognises all our sponsors equally. In the case of business sponsors the minimum annual cash contribution required reflects the sponsor’s capacity to contribute, based on business turnover as per the following table:

Business size
Turnover ($)
(net annual sales)
Annual Contribution (*)
Sole trader /
Small business
0-500k$250 - 500

500k - 5 mill$500 - 1000
5 mill - 15 mill$1000 - 1500
Large corporate15 million upward$1500 upward

(*)  HikeWest Board may adjust the annual contribution amounts at times determined by the Board, but not more often than at annual anniversary date of the sponsorship agreement. In the case of non-business organisations the minimum annual contribution is $200.

Logo display (with link) – Upon confirmation by HikeWest of the agreement, HikeWest will upload and display the Sponsor’s logo (with hyperlink to website address) on the HikeWest website home page and maintain it there for the life of the agreement.

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We welcome not only bushwalking clubs as members, but also other organisations and individuals:

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