School engagement: Getting into hiking early

HikeWest recognises the great value of school outdoor learning programs in nurturing an early appreciation for the outdoors and our natural environment. Along with the range of core skills and confidence children gain through playing and learning in nature, given that early start they are also more likely to develop a lifelong love and respect for the environment and a passion for participation in outdoor activities, including hiking / bushwalking. Encouraging and assisting the young to discover the joys and benefits of activities such as hiking is an investment toward them maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle into later life.

How can HikeWest help?

As the not-for-profit peak body for hiking / bushwalking in Western Australia HikeWest has extensive contacts among commercial providers in the hiking industry; also within our member clubs, and across the wider hiking community. We encourage your school outdoors education program coordinator to contact HikeWest if you are seeking help in planning or implementing your school’s hiking program. Though HikeWest is not resourced to be able to directly organise and run hiking programs for schools, we will be pleased to assist in helping you source your program needs wherever we can.  eg:

  • identify suitable hiking activity service providers;
  • identify qualified instructors for training;
  • identify motivational speakers;
  • ideas for new hiking experiences for students…..

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